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2024 Apr 11

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2024 Apr 09

For your Acknowledgements section

Reagents used in these studies were provided by the NIH Nonhuman Primate Reagent Resource (P40 OD028116, U24 AI126683).

2024 Apr 09

RRID Citation on Materials and Methods

For your Materials & Methods section: The rhesus recombinant Anti-CD8 beta [CD8b255R1] monoclonal antibody was engineered and produced by the Nonhuman Primate Reagent Resource (NIH Nonhuman Primate Reagent Resource Cat# PR-2557, RRID:AB_2716321)

2023 Sep 19

Reactivity of PE anti-marmoset CD45 Antibody (RRID:AB_2562120)

Reactivity profile of anti-marmoset CD45 (RRID:AB_2562120) from BioLegend on Callithrix jacchus (Common marmoset) peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs).

2023 Sep 11

Scheduled Downtime for Reagent Distribution (Sept 29th to Dec 4th 2023)

We want to inform you about an upcoming change that will temporarily affect our order fulfillment operations. Please anticipate your upcoming requests and maintain enough supply for your upcoming experiments.

2023 Jul 19

Legacy: TN-2010 New rhesus CD8 description

Effective April 2010, the mouse‐human chimeric anti‐CD8 antibody “cM‐T807” will be discontinued and replaced by a “next generation” rhesus CDR‐grafted antibody, “M‐T807R1”.

2023 Jul 19

Legacy: TN-2007-03-CD73

Technical Note TN2007-03 Macaque-reactive anti-CD73 antibodies

2023 Jul 19

Legacy: TN-2007-02-1-CD39

Technical Note TN2007-02.1Anti-rhesus CD39 antibodies

2023 Jul 19

Legacy: TN-2006-02-OKT4

Technical Note TN2006-02 Macaque-reactive anti-CD4, OKT4, now available commercially

2023 Jul 19

Legacy: TN-2006-01-TCR alpha beta

Technical Note TN2006-01 An antibody reactive with macaque TCR-αβ

2023 Jul 19

Legacy: TN-2005-04-TCR gamma delta

Technical Note TN2005-04 Identifying TCR γ-δ cells in macaque monkeys by flow cytometry

2023 Jul 19

Legacy: TN-2005-03 Cyno PBMC Isolation

Technical Note TN2005-03 Density gradient isolation of cynomolgus (M. fascicularis) PBMC

2023 Jul 19

Legacy: TN-2005-02-Perforin

Technical Note TN2005-02 Anti-perforin antibodies cross-reactive with nonhuman primates

2023 Jul 19

Legacy: TN-05-01 CCR7 Amplification

Anti-human CCR7 antibody provides only weak staining of macaque monkey lymphocytes. Amplification of anti-CCR7 antibody staining using the Miltenyi FASER Kit –PE can offer better resolution of CCR7+ cells.

2023 Jul 19

Legacy: SOP A06-01 CD8+ lymphocyte depletion using cM-T807

SOP A00-08: CD8+ lymphocyte depletion using cM-T807 Purpose and principle: This SOP describes the method for administering the chimeric anti-CD8 antibody, cM-T807, to macaque monkeys to effect in vivo depletion of CD8+ lymphocytes.

2023 Jul 19

Legacy: SOP A05-01 B cell depletion using Rituxan

SOP A05-01: B cell depletion using Rituxan - PRELIMINARY Purpose and principle: This SOP describes the method for depleting nonhuman primates of B lymphocytes using the commercial anti-CD20 antibody, Rituxan.

2023 Jul 19

Legacy: SOP 99-01 Generating macaque B-LCL

SOP 99-01 Generating immortalized macaque B-lymphoblastoid cell lines Purpose and principle: Autologous cells are used at targets in assays to detect cytotoxic T cell activity. This SOP describes the generation of immortalized B-LCL from macaque monkey PBMC using a transforming Herpesvirus.

2023 Jul 19

Legacy: SOP 10-02 Anti-mouse Ig ELISA using 1B3

SOP 10-02: Anti-mouse Ig ELISA using 1B3 Purpose and principle: This assay will detect preexisting or induced antibodies against mouse monoclonal antibodies in monkey plasma. Mouse mAb is immobilized on plates and serially diluted plasma or serum is added. Bound monkey Ig is routinely detected using monoclonal anti-monkey IgG clone 1B3.

2023 Jul 19

Legacy: SOP 07-02 T cell activation

SOP 07-02 Macaque T cell activation using anti-CD3 Purpose and principle: Method to activation macaque T cell in vitro by cross-linking T cell receptor using plate-bound anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody

2023 Jul 19

Legacy: SOP 06-04 NK cell assay

SOP 06-04 Macaque NK cell assay (nonradioactive) by calcein release Purpose and principle: This assay measures macaque NK cell-mediated lysis of K562 cells using the release of calcein, measure by fluorometry, as the assay endpoint.

2023 Jul 19

Legacy: SOP 05-12v2 HVS transformation

SOP 05-12 Herpesvirus samiri transformation of macaque T-cells Purpose and principle: Method for generating immortalized macaque T-cell lines using a transforming virus.

2023 Jul 19

Legacy: SOP 04-12 Anti-cM-T807 ELISA

SOP 04-12: Anti-cM-T807 ELISA Purpose and principle: This assay will detect pre-existing or induced antibodies against the recombinant immunoglobulin cM-T807 in monkey plasma. cM-T807 is immobilized on plates and serially diluted plasma or serum is added. If monkey antibodies bind to immobilized cM-T807, they will also bind cM-T807-HRP added in the next step due to monkey antibody’s bivalency. Bound cM-T807-HRP is routinely detected.

2023 Jul 17

2023 User Feedback to the Nonhuman Primate Reagent Resource

Dear colleague, We invite you to submit your feedback in this survey (<5 min) for the NHPRR ( The aim of this questionnaire is to assess the importance of our reagents for your research. If you have a few more minutes, we also invite you to share your inputs for new reagent development. Thank you!


2023 Apr 05

Suggest Development Priorities for the Next Cell Depleting Reagents

We would like to invite you to suggest the next development priorities for cell-depleting reagents. Cell- depleting reagents have been valuable tools for studying immune system function, autoimmune diseases, and transplants. We are seeking input from researchers like you to identify the most pressing needs in the nonhuman primate field. Reach us with your ideas!


2023 Feb 11

New Anti-CD45 Reagents for Barcoding and Serial In Vivo Staining Experiments

The Anti-CD45 [ITS_rhCD45] antibody (NIH/VRC/ITS) is now available in our catalog in unconjugated and Alexa Fluor® dye-conjugated formats!

2022 Sep 08

New Anti-CD20, Anti-CD8, Anti-CD4 Antibody Reagents for Neotropical Nonhuman Primates

We now offer several new antibodies for Neotropical Nonhuman Primate species. Check them out!

2022 Jan 13

RhATG Discontinuation

We will discontinue the production of rhATG in 2022. Please find the reasons behind this decision on the attached letter (PDF).

2021 Sep 07

Anti-IFNAR therapeutic antibody now available

The rhesus recombinant anti-Interferon alpha receptor (IFNAR) 1 'Anti-IFNAR [Ani]' is now available for distribution. This antibody binds to the receptor blocking the activity of type I interferons.


2021 Apr 02

Stabilized Spike Glycoproteins for COVID Research

We have produced stabilized Spike proteins for NIAID, now offered through BEI. Please check the details on the constructs and order them directly from (cat. NR-52724, NR-53937)


2021 Mar 02

Anti-Complement Antibodies Under Development

The recent Notice of Special Interest (NOSI) NOT-AI-21-008 addresses studies of the complement system. If you are planning to apply, please know that we are currently working on a few lead molecules that could be helpful to you. Feel free to reach us! –Diogo


2021 Feb 15

How to Cite Our Reagents Using RRIDs

We are now using Research Resource Identifiers (RRIDs) on our entire catalog to facilitate proper antibody identification. The idea behind the use of resource identifiers is simple: citation of our antibodies (using unique RRIDs) will automatically associate specific reagents with your publication.

2021 Feb 06

New Resources for Neotropical Primates (NT-NHP)

Dear NHPRR Community, we are pleased to announce our new efforts to provide reagents specifically tailored for neotropical primates (NT-NHP), especially marmosets, squirrel monkeys, and owl monkeys. Please reach us if you are interested!

2021 Jan 22

Rhesus Antibody Reagents for COVID Research

Features of anti-SARS-CoV spike antibodies available from NHPRR. These antibodies are available in limited amounts. If you would like to obtain some please write to us!

2020 Sep 10

New NHPRR Product Catalog

Download our new catalog! You can find the reagents searching by the previous name or any other identifier (i.e. clone, target, catalog, and RRID). The labels and product TDSs will be updated.

2020 Sep 09

New Rhesus Isotyping Reagents

New pilot reagents for detecting rhesus IgG isotypes. *These reagents were characterized with recombinant proteins and not native rhesus serum responses.

2020 Aug 20

Registration Step by step

STEP 1- Register with the Principal Investigator (PI)’s email. STEP 2- Indicate the Signing Official of your organization and complete the account information. STEP 3- Upon receipt of the co-signed agreement, the products will become available for purchasing.

2019 Nov 07

Learn about our temperature-controlled shipping

We tested and validated new packaging materials for shipping antibody reagents for in vivo use. The goals were cost-effective materials that prevented vial damage during shipping and could maintain 0-4 C temperature for over 24 hours.

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