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2021 Jan 22

Rhesus antibody reagents for COVID research

Features of anti-SARS-CoV spike antibodies available from NHPRR. These antibodies are available in limited amounts. If you would like to obtain some please write to us!

2020 Sep 10

New NHPRR Product Catalog

Download our new catalog! You can find the reagents searching by the previous name or any other identifier (i.e. clone, target, catalog, and RRID). The labels and product TDSs will be updated.

2020 Sep 09

New Rhesus Isotyping Reagents

New pilot reagents for detecting rhesus IgG isotypes. *These reagents were characterized with recombinant proteins and not native rhesus serum responses.

2020 Aug 20

Registration Step by step

STEP 1- Register with the Principal Investigator (PI)’s email. STEP 2- Indicate the Signing Official of your organization and complete the account information. STEP 3- Upon receipt of the co-signed agreement, the products will become available for purchasing.

2019 Nov 07

Learn about our temperature-controlled shipping

We tested and validated new packaging materials for shipping antibody reagents for in vivo use. The goals were cost-effective materials that prevented vial damage during shipping and could maintain 0-4 C temperature for over 24 hours.

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