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Check our Anti-rhesus IgG1/3 [1B3] clone (reacts with monkey but not human IgGs!)

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2021 July 19

Circulating integrin α4β7+ CD4 T cells are enriched for proliferative transcriptional programs in HIV infection

Yashavanth S. Lakshmanappa, Jamin W. Roh, Niharika N. Rane, Ashok R. Dinasarapu, Daphne D. Tran, Vijayakumar Velu, Anandi N. Sheth, Igho Ofotokun, Rama R. Amara, Colleen F. Kelley, Elaine Waetjen, Smita S. Iyer

FEBS Letters

Anti-alpha4/beta7 [A4B7R1]-APC Anti-alpha4/beta7 [A4B7R1]-PE

2021 June 07

Antibody-based CCR5 blockade protects Macaques from mucosal SHIV transmission

Xiao L Chang, Gabriela M Webb, Helen L Wu, Justin M Greene, Shaheed Abdulhaqq, Katherine B Bateman, Jason S Reed, Cleiton Pessoa, Whitney C Weber, Nicholas Maier, Glen M Chew, Roxanne M Gilbride, Lina Gao, Rebecca Agnor, Travis Giobbi, Jeffrey Torgerson, Don Siess, Nicole Burnett, Miranda Fischer, Oriene Shiel, Cassandra Moats, Bruce Patterson, Kush Dhody, Scott Kelly, Nader Pourhassan, Diogo M Magnani, Jeremy Smedley, Benjamin N Bimber, Nancy L Haigwood, Scott G Hansen, Timothy R Brown, Lishomwa C Ndhlovu, Jonah B Sacha

Nat Commun

Anti-rhesus IgG1/3 [1B3]-HRP

2021 June 02

Measuring the Impact of Targeting FcRn-Mediated IgG Recycling on Donor-Specific Alloantibodies in a Sensitized NHP Model

Miriam Manook, Walter J. Flores, Robin Schmitz, Zachary Fitch, Janghoon Yoon, Yeeun Bae, Brian Shaw, Allan Kirk, Melissa Harnois, Sallie Permar, Alton B. Farris, Diogo M. Magnani, Jean Kwun and Stuart Knechtle

Front. Immunol.

Anti-FcRn [RozR1LALA]

2021 May 21

A comparative study of human-and rhesus-specific antithymocyte globulins in Rhesus macaques

Brian I Shaw, Robin Schmitz, Walter J Flores, Diogo M Magnani, Jie Li, Mingqing Song, Allan D Kirk

Clin Transplant

Anti-rhesus thymocyte [rhATG] - (all lots)

News & Updates:

2021 Apr 02

Stabilized Spike Glycoproteins for COVID Research

We have produced stabilized Spike proteins for NIAID, now offered through BEI. Please check the details on the constructs and order them directly from (cat. NR-52724, NR-53937)


2021 Feb 06

New Resources for Neotropical Primates (NT-NHP)

Dear NHPRR Community, we are pleased to announce our new efforts to provide reagents specifically tailored for neotropical primates (NT-NHP), especially marmosets, squirrel monkeys, and owl monkeys. Please reach us if you are interested!

2021 Feb 15

How to Cite Our Reagents Using RRIDs

We are now using Research Resource Identifiers (RRIDs) on our entire catalog to facilitate proper antibody identification. The idea behind the use of resource identifiers is simple: citation of our antibodies (using unique RRIDs) will automatically associate specific reagents with your publication.

2021 Jan 22

Rhesus Antibody Reagents for COVID Research

Features of anti-SARS-CoV spike antibodies available from NHPRR. These antibodies are available in limited amounts. If you would like to obtain some please write to us!

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