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2024 March 13

Sex- and species-associated differences in complement-mediated immunity in humans and rhesus macaques.

Kelkar, Natasha S Goldberg, Benjamin S Dufloo, Jérémy Bruel, Timothée Schwartz, Olivier Hessell, Ann J Ackerman, Margaret E


Anti-CD20 [2B8R1]

2024 February 14

TGF-ß blockade drives a transitional effector phenotype in T cells reversing SIV latency and decreasing SIV reservoirs in vivo.

Kim, Jinhee Bose, Deepanwita Araínga, Mariluz Haque, Muhammad R Fennessey, Christine M Caddell, Rachel A Thomas, Yanique Ferrell, Douglas E Ali, Syed Grody, Emanuelle Goyal, Yogesh Cicala, Claudia Arthos, James Keele, Brandon F Vaccari, Monica Lorenzo-Redondo, Ramon Hope, Thomas J Villinger, Francois Martinelli, Elena

Nat Commun


2024 February 13

Prior dengue virus serotype 3 infection modulates subsequent plasmablast responses to Zika virus infection in rhesus macaques.

Singh, Tulika Miller, Itzayana G Venkatayogi, Sravani Webster, Helen Heimsath, Holly J Eudailey, Josh A Dudley, Dawn M Kumar, Amit Mangan, Riley J Thein, Amelia Aliota, Matthew T Newman, Christina M Mohns, Mariel S Breitbach, Meghan E Berry, Madison Friedrich, Thomas C Wiehe, Kevin O'Connor, David H Permar, Sallie R


Reference rhesus dimeric IgA [b12rA1d] Anti-rhesus IgA [10F12]-biotin Anti-rhesus IgA [9B9]

2024 February 01

Mucosal boosting enhances vaccine protection against SARS-CoV-2 in macaques.

McMahan, Katherine Wegmann, Frank Aid, Malika Sciacca, Michaela Liu, Jinyan Hachmann, Nicole P Miller, Jessica Jacob-Dolan, Catherine Powers, Olivia Hope, David Wu, Cindy Pereira, Juliana Murdza, Tetyana Mazurek, Camille R Hoyt, Amelia Boon, Adrianus C M Davis-Gardner, Meredith Suthar, Mehul S Martinot, Amanda J Boursiquot, Mona Cook, Anthony Pessaint, Laurent Lewis, Mark G Andersen, Hanne Tolboom, Jeroen Serroyen, Jan Solforosi, Laura Costes, Lea M M Zahn, Roland C Barouch, Dan H


Anti-rhesus IgG1/3 [1B3]-HRP

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2024 Apr 11

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2024 Apr 09

RRID Citation on Materials and Methods

For your Materials & Methods section: The rhesus recombinant Anti-CD8 beta [CD8b255R1] monoclonal antibody was engineered and produced by the Nonhuman Primate Reagent Resource (NIH Nonhuman Primate Reagent Resource Cat# PR-2557, RRID:AB_2716321)

2024 Apr 09

For your Acknowledgements section

Reagents used in these studies were provided by the NIH Nonhuman Primate Reagent Resource (P40 OD028116, U24 AI126683).

2023 Sep 19

Reactivity of PE anti-marmoset CD45 Antibody (RRID:AB_2562120)

Reactivity profile of anti-marmoset CD45 (RRID:AB_2562120) from BioLegend on Callithrix jacchus (Common marmoset) peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs).

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