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We offer primate antibodies and recombinant proteins for pre-clinical NHP studies, NHP-specific reagents for in vitro assays, and have an industry wide antibody reactivity database for NHP species.

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The versatile Anti-45 [ITS_rhCD45] antibodies can be used in binding, barcoding, in vivo serial intravascular staining (SIVS) experiments (figure and titration data from Lake Potter/NIH VRC). See Roederer's lab detailed description for SIVS at Sci Trans Med. PMID: 33441427.

2023 February 23

Immunogenicity and protective efficacy of GBP510/AS03 vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 delta challenge in rhesus macaques.

Jacob-Dolan, Catherine Yu, Jingyou McMahan, Katherine Giffin, Victoria Chandrashekar, Abishek Martinot, Amanda J Anioke, Tochi Powers, Olivia C Hall, Kevin Hope, David Miller, Jessica Hachmann, Nichole P Chung, Benjamin Gardner, Sarah Sellers, Daniel Barrett, Julia Lewis, Mark G Andersen, Hanne Kleanthous, Harry Seo, Ki-Woen Lee, Su Jeen Park, Yong Wook Kim, Hun Barouch, Dan H

NPJ Vaccines

Anti-rhesus IgG1/3 [1B3]-HRP

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2023 Apr 05

Suggest Development Priorities for the Next Cell Depleting Reagents

We would like to invite you to suggest the next development priorities for cell-depleting reagents. Cell- depleting reagents have been valuable tools for studying immune system function, autoimmune diseases, and transplants. We are seeking input from researchers like you to identify the most pressing needs in the nonhuman primate field. Reach us with your ideas!


2021 Feb 15

How to Cite Our Reagents Using RRIDs

We are now using Research Resource Identifiers (RRIDs) on our entire catalog to facilitate proper antibody identification. The idea behind the use of resource identifiers is simple: citation of our antibodies (using unique RRIDs) will automatically associate specific reagents with your publication.

2022 Sep 08

New Anti-CD20, Anti-CD8, Anti-CD4 Antibody Reagents for Neotropical Nonhuman Primates

We now offer several new antibodies for Neotropical Nonhuman Primate species. Check them out!

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