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Attention: Scheduled Downtime for Reagent Distribution (Sept 29th-Dec 4th, 2023)


We want to inform you about an upcoming change that will temporarily affect our order fulfillment operations. We are moving to a new facility within the UMass Chan Medical School, at the end of October. This is a major move and will affect our activities. To facilitate a seamless transition to our new facility, we have scheduled a downtime period for our order fulfillment. During this downtime, we will not be able to fulfill orders, so we ask you to anticipate your upcoming requests and maintain enough supply for your upcoming experiments.

What You Need to Know:

Order Placement Deadline: Please place your upcoming requests by September 29th. We recommend requesting enough for a 4-month supply.


Order Fulfillment Pause: Orders placed before the downtime period will be processed and fulfilled. Orders placed after this date will be on hold until we resume our operations in the new facility (target date: December 4th).


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2023 November 04

A combined adjuvant approach primes robust germinal center responses and humoral immunity in non-human primates.

Phung, Ivy Rodrigues, Kristen A Marina-Zárate, Ester Maiorino, Laura Pahar, Bapi Lee, Wen-Hsin Melo, Mariane Kaur, Amitinder Allers, Carolina Fahlberg, Marissa Grasperge, Brooke F Dufour, Jason P Schiro, Faith Aye, Pyone P Lopez, Paul G Torres, Jonathan L Ozorowski, Gabriel Eskandarzadeh, Saman Kubitz, Michael Georgeson, Erik Groschel, Bettina Nedellec, Rebecca Bick, Michael Kaczmarek Michaels, Katarzyna Gao, Hongmei Shen, Xiaoying Carnathan, Diane G Silvestri, Guido Montefiori, David C Ward, Andrew B Hangartner, Lars Veazey, Ronald S Burton, Dennis R Schief, William R Irvine, Darrell J Crotty, Shane

Nat Commun

Anti-CD38 [OKT10]-PE

2023 October 27

Efficacy of mRNA-1273 and Novavax ancestral or BA.1 spike booster vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 BA.5 infection in nonhuman primates.

Routhu, Nanda Kishore Stampfer, Samuel David Lai, Lilin Akhtar, Akil Tong, Xin Yuan, Dansu Chicz, Taras M McNamara, Ryan P Jakkala, Kishor Davis-Gardner, Meredith E St Pierre, E Lovisa Smith, Brandon Green, Kristyn Moore Golden, Nadia Picou, Breanna Jean, Sherrie M Wood, Jennifer Cohen, Joyce Moore, Ian N Patel, Nita Guebre-Xabier, Mimi Smith, Gale Glenn, Greg Kozlowski, Pamela A Alter, Galit Ahmed, Rafi Suthar, Mehul S Amara, Rama Rao

Sci Immunol

Reference rhesus dimeric IgA [b12rA1d]

2023 October 21

The impact of IdeS (imlifidase) on allo-specific, xeno-reactive, and protective antibodies in a sensitized rhesus macaque model.

DeLaura, Isabel Zikos, Joanna Anwar, Imran J Yoon, Janghoon Ladowski, Joseph Jackson, Annette Van Rompay, Koen Magnani, Diogo Knechtle, Stuart J Kwun, Jean


Anti-rhesus IgG1/3 [1B3] IdeS Enzyme

2023 October 01

Design and testing of a humanized porcine donor for xenotransplantation.

Anand, Ranjith P Layer, Jacob V Heja, David Hirose, Takayuki Lassiter, Grace Firl, Daniel J Paragas, Violette B Akkad, Adam Chhangawala, Sagar Colvin, Robert B Ernst, Russell J Esch, Nicholas Getchell, Kristen Griffin, Alexandra K Guo, Xiaoyun Hall, Katherine C Hamilton, Paula Kalekar, Lokesh A Kan, Yinan Karadagi, Ahmad Li, Feng Low, Susan C Matheson, Rudy Nehring, Claudia Otsuka, Ryo Pandelakis, Matthew Policastro, Robert A Pols, Rebecca Queiroz, Luis Rosales, Ivy A Serkin, William T Stiede, Kathryn Tomosugi, Toshihide Xue, Yongqiang Zentner, Gabriel E Angeles-Albores, David Chris Chao, J Crabtree, Juliet N Harken, Sierra Hinkle, Nicole Lemos, Tania Li, Mailin Pantano, Lorena Stevens, Denise Subedar, Omar D Tan, Xiaoqing Yin, Shiyi Anwar, Imran J Aufhauser, David Capuano, Saverio Kaufman, Dixon B Knechtle, Stuart J Kwun, Jean Shanmuganayagam, Dhanansayan Markmann, James F Church, George M Curtis, Mike Kawai, Tatsuo Youd, Michele E Qin, Wenning


Anti-rhesus thymocyte [rhATG] - (all lots) Anti-CD154 [5C8H1] Anti-CD20 [2B8R1]

News & Updates:

2023 Sep 19

Reactivity of PE anti-marmoset CD45 Antibody (RRID:AB_2562120)

Reactivity profile of anti-marmoset CD45 (RRID:AB_2562120) from BioLegend on Callithrix jacchus (Common marmoset) peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs).

2021 Feb 15

How to Cite Our Reagents Using RRIDs

We are now using Research Resource Identifiers (RRIDs) on our entire catalog to facilitate proper antibody identification. The idea behind the use of resource identifiers is simple: citation of our antibodies (using unique RRIDs) will automatically associate specific reagents with your publication.

2023 Sep 11

Scheduled Downtime for Reagent Distribution (Sept 29th to Dec 4th 2023)

We want to inform you about an upcoming change that will temporarily affect our order fulfillment operations. Please anticipate your upcoming requests and maintain enough supply for your upcoming experiments.

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