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2024 June 12

Prolonged xenokidney graft survival in sensitized NHP recipients by expression of multiple human transgenes in a triple knockout pig.

Manook, Miriam Olaso, Danae Anwar, Imran DeLaura, Isabel Yoon, Janghoon Bae, Yeeun Barbas, Andrew Shaw, Brian Moris, Dimitrios Song, Mingqing Farris, Alton B Stiede, Kathryn Youd, Michele Knechtle, Stuart Kwun, Jean

Sci Transl Med

Anti-CD4 [CD4R1] Anti-CD154 [5C8H1] Anti-CD8 alpha [MT807R1]

2024 June 01

Vaccination induces broadly neutralizing antibody precursors to HIV gp41.

Schiffner, Torben Phung, Ivy Ray, Rashmi Irimia, Adriana Tian, Ming Swanson, Olivia Lee, Jeong Hyun Lee, Chang-Chun D Marina-Zárate, Ester Cho, So Yeon Huang, Jiachen Ozorowski, Gabriel Skog, Patrick D Serra, Andreia M Rantalainen, Kimmo Allen, Joel D Baboo, Sabyasachi Rodriguez, Oscar L Himansu, Sunny Zhou, Jianfu Hurtado, Jonathan Flynn, Claudia T McKenney, Katherine Havenar-Daughton, Colin Saha, Swati Shields, Kaitlyn Schultze, Steven Smith, Melissa L Liang, Chi-Hui Toy, Laura Pecetta, Simone Lin, Ying-Cing Willis, Jordan R Sesterhenn, Fabian Kulp, Daniel W Hu, Xiaozhen Cottrell, Christopher A Zhou, Xiaoya Ruiz, Jennifer Wang, Xuesong Nair, Usha Kirsch, Kathrin H Cheng, Hwei-Ling Davis, Jillian Kalyuzhniy, Oleksandr Liguori, Alessia Diedrich, Jolene K Ngo, Julia T Lewis, Vanessa Phelps, Nicole Tingle, Ryan D Spencer, Skye Georgeson, Erik Adachi, Yumiko Kubitz, Michael Eskandarzadeh, Saman Elsliger, Marc A Amara, Rama R Landais, Elise Briney, Bryan Burton, Dennis R Carnathan, Diane G Silvestri, Guido Watson, Corey T Yates, John R Paulson, James C Crispin, Max Grigoryan, Gevorg Ward, Andrew B Sok, Devin Alt, Frederick W Wilson, Ian A Batista, Facundo D Crotty, Shane Schief, William R

Nat Immunol

Anti-CD38 [OKT10]-APC

2024 May 17

Vaccine priming of rare HIV broadly neutralizing antibody precursors in nonhuman primates.

Steichen, Jon M Phung, Ivy Salcedo, Eugenia Ozorowski, Gabriel Willis, Jordan R Baboo, Sabyasachi Liguori, Alessia Cottrell, Christopher A Torres, Jonathan L Madden, Patrick J Ma, Krystal M Sutton, Henry J Lee, Jeong Hyun Kalyuzhniy, Oleksandr Allen, Joel D Rodriguez, Oscar L Adachi, Yumiko Mullen, Tina-Marie Georgeson, Erik Kubitz, Michael Burns, Alison Barman, Shawn Mopuri, Rohini Metz, Amanda Altheide, Tasha K Diedrich, Jolene K Saha, Swati Shields, Kaitlyn Schultze, Steven E Smith, Melissa L Schiffner, Torben Burton, Dennis R Watson, Corey T Bosinger, Steven E Crispin, Max Yates, John R Paulson, James C Ward, Andrew B Sok, Devin Crotty, Shane Schief, William R


Anti-CD38 [OKT10]-APC

2024 May 01

Late graft failure of pig-to-rhesus renal xenografts has features of glomerulopathy and recipients have anti-swine leukocyte antigen class I and class II antibodies.

Ladowski, Joseph M; Tector, Matt; Martens, Gregory; Wang, Zheng Yu; Burlak, Chris; Reyes, Luz; Estrada, Jose; Adams, Andrew; Tector, A Joseph


Anti-CD4 [CD4R1] Anti-CD154 [5C8H1] Anti-CD8 alpha [MT807R1]

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2024 Apr 11

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2024 Apr 09

RRID Citation on Materials and Methods

For your Materials & Methods section: The rhesus recombinant Anti-CD8 beta [CD8b255R1] monoclonal antibody was engineered and produced by the Nonhuman Primate Reagent Resource (NIH Nonhuman Primate Reagent Resource Cat# PR-2557, RRID:AB_2716321)

2024 Apr 09

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Reagents used in these studies were provided by the NIH Nonhuman Primate Reagent Resource (P40 OD028116, U24 AI126683).

2021 Feb 15

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