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Anti-CD45 [ITS_rhCD45]-AF488

Product Type: Therapeutics (In Vivo)
Format: Anti-CD45, ITS_rhCD45, mouse variable, mouse IgG1, kappa
Clone ID: [ITS_rhCD45]
RRID: AB_2910537
Common Names: Anti-CD45 [ITS_rhCD45]-AF488 | Anti-CD45 [ITS_rhCD45]-AlexaFluor488 | ITS_rhCD45 | PR-0058
Target: CD45
Reactivity: Rhesus Macaque (Macaca mulatta)
Applications: in vivo in vivo; SIVS

The Anti-CD45 [ITS_rhCD45] antibody clone was developed for leukocyte trafficking studies using the Serial Intravascular Staining (SIVS) method (see references below). This mouse antibody clone specific to rhesus CD45 glycoprotein was produced from CHO cell lines, purified using protein A chromatographic separation, and conjugated to the Alexa Fluor dye (NHS chemistry).


SIVS Infusion protocols and research articles:


  1. Potter, E. and Roederer, M. (2022). αCD45 infusions. Bio-protocol.
  2. Anderson, K., Mayer-Barber, K., Sung, H. et al. Intravascular staining for discrimination of vascular and tissue leukocytes. Nat Protoc 9, 209–222 (2014).
  3. Potter, E., Gideon, H., Tkachev, V., Fabozzi, G., Chassiakos, A., Petrovas, C., Darrah, P., Lin, P., Foulds, K., Kean, L., Flynn, J. and Roederer, M.(2021). Measurement of leukocyte trafficking kinetics in macaques by serial intravascular staining. Science Translational Medicine 13(576). DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.abb4582
Modifications: AF488
Restrictions: No
Sponsor: NIAID

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