The Resource for Your NHP Research

Dear colleagues,

The Nonhuman Primate Reagent Resource (NHPRR) has more than 20 years of history developing antibodies for preclinical studies. Our reagents are conceived in collaborations that enable shared development of novel products. In addition to our research product
catalog, we have licensed antibodies for use in in vitro assays to clinical programs. 

Whether you are interested in making new products or licensing our reagents, we welcome new partnerships.

Vials used for NHP research
We develop novel antibody therapies in partnerships with investigators using translational animal models of human diseases.


We have a team of researchers working to isolate, engineer, characterize, and produce antibodies designed to fulfill diverse research needs. Our program offers antibodies with a wide range of biological activities, including:

  • binding,
  • blocking,
  • neutralizing,
  • activating,
  • and depleting their targets.

The NHPRR also offers antibodies for assays, monkey cells, and recombinant proteins. Several of these reagents are now employed
as assay reagents or available through commercial suppliers.


We look forward to talking to you!