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The versatile Anti-45 [ITS_rhCD45] antibodies can be used in binding, barcoding, in vivo serial intravascular staining (SIVS) experiments (figure and titration data from Lake Potter/NIH VRC). See Roederer's lab detailed description for SIVS at Sci Trans Med. PMID: 33441427.

2023 February 22

Prolonged experimental CD4+ T-cell depletion does not cause disease progression in SIV-infected African green monkeys.

Le Hingrat, Quentin Sette, Paola Xu, Cuiling Rahmberg, Andrew R Tarnus, Lilas Annapureddy, Haritha Kleinman, Adam Brocca-Cofano, Egidio Sivanandham, Ranjit Sivanandham, Sindhuja He, Tianyu Capreri, Daniel J Ma, Dongzhu Estes, Jacob D Brenchley, Jason M Apetrei, Cristian Pandrea, Ivona

Nat Commun

Anti-CD4 [CD4R1]

2023 February 01

CD8+ lymphocytes do not impact SIV reservoir establishment under ART.

Statzu, Maura Jin, Wang Fray, Emily J Wong, Andrew Kam Ho Kumar, Mithra R Ferrer, Elizabeth Docken, Steffen S Pinkevych, Mykola McBrien, Julia B Fennessey, Christine M Keele, Brandon F Liang, Shan Harper, Justin L Mutascio, Simona Franchitti, Lavinia Wang, Hong Cicetti, Davide Bosinger, Steven E Carnathan, Diane G Vanderford, Thomas H Margolis, David M Garcia-Martinez, J Victor Chahroudi, Ann Paiardini, Mirko Siliciano, Janet Davenport, Miles P Kulpa, Deanna A Siliciano, Robert S Silvestri, Guido

Nat Microbiol

Anti-CD8 alpha [MT807R1]

2023 January 31

Natural Killer Cells Regulate Acute SIV Replication, Dissemination, and Inflammation, but Do Not Impact Independent Transmission Events.

Woolley, Griffin Mosher, Matthew Kroll, Kyle Jones, Rhianna Hueber, Brady Sugawara, Sho Manickam, Cordelia Terry, Karen Varner, Valerie Lifton, Michelle Ram, Daniel Fennessey, Christine M Keele, Brandon F Reeves, R Keith

J Virol

Anti-IL-15 [fift]

2022 December 26

Implantable niche with local immunosuppression for islet allotransplantation achieves type 1 diabetes reversal in rats.

Paez-Mayorga, Jesus Campa-Carranza, Jocelyn Nikita Capuani, Simone Hernandez, Nathanael Liu, Hsuan-Chen Chua, Corrine Ying Xuan Pons-Faudoa, Fernanda Paola Malgir, Gulsah Alvarez, Bella Niles, Jean A Argueta, Lissenya B Shelton, Kathryn A Kezar, Sarah Nehete, Pramod N Berman, Dora M Willman, Melissa A Li, Xian C Ricordi, Camillo Nichols, Joan E Gaber, A Osama Kenyon, Norma S Grattoni, Alessandro

Nat Commun

Anti-CD154 [5C8H1]

News & Updates:

2023 Feb 11

New Anti-CD45 Reagents for Barcoding and Serial In Vivo Staining Experiments

The Anti-CD45 [ITS_rhCD45] antibody (NIH/VRC/ITS) is now available in our catalog in unconjugated and Alexa Fluor® dye-conjugated formats!

2021 Feb 15

How to Cite Our Reagents Using RRIDs

We are now using Research Resource Identifiers (RRIDs) on our entire catalog to facilitate proper antibody identification. The idea behind the use of resource identifiers is simple: citation of our antibodies (using unique RRIDs) will automatically associate specific reagents with your publication.

2022 Sep 08

New Anti-CD20, Anti-CD8, Anti-CD4 Antibody Reagents for Neotropical Nonhuman Primates

We now offer several new antibodies for Neotropical Nonhuman Primate species. Check them out!

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