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Reference rhesus dimeric IgA [b12rA1d]

Product Type: Antibodies for Assays (In Vitro)
Format: Anti-HIV Env, b12, human variable region, rhesus IgA Fc, J chain
Clone ID: [b12rA1d]
RRID: AB_2819329
Common Names: Reference rhesus dimeric IgA [b12rA1d] | Dimeric rhesus IgA (reference Ig) | PR-1220
Target: HIV Env
Applications: in vitro; reference

b12rA1d: Rhesus recombinant (human/rhesus chimeric) dimeric IgA1-kappa antibody. Contains rhesus constant regions and J chain, variable regions from anti-HIV CD4bs antibody b12.

Modifications: None
Restrictions: No
Sponsor: NIAID

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